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Using data from reputable in-database deployment resources, MRES ensures your success with the expertise of professional consulting services.


Included in analysis is the Federal Reserve, FNC Inc., Bureau of Economic Analysis, Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors, CNBC, Blytic, Zillow, Freddic Mac,, Grand Rapids Association of Realtors, Yahoo Homes, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Trulia, Fannie Mae, and the National Association of Realtors among others.

So where is today's Real Estate market at?

"US Real Estate 60% Overvalued!"

"This time around the unorthodox capital isn’t coming in the form of international investors piling money into the U.S. mortgage bond market, creating a doomsday machine that cranked out home loans with very little scrutiny, but from domestic institutional investors, folks buying second and third homes and serving as landlords, and foreign buyers stowing cash in American real estate." -

"Prices will fall by 2018" Bank of America

"Americans will face falling home prices in a matter of years as personal income gains fail to keep pace with the recovery from the financial crisis, according to Bank of America analyst, Chris Flanagan.
'We do not see income growing fast enough to keep up with the past few years of rapid increases in home prices.'

Flanagan, who in 2007 offered prescient warnings over the “very bleak” conditions in the subprime mortgage market, said that the downward path of prices would depress housing activity, the economy, and interest rates.

MRES Analysis

Uncertainty is the flavor of the market currently. With global events like a new US Presidency, turmoil abroad, and foreign currency market fluctuations, many analysts remain "unsure" as to whether or not we'll continue to see Real Estate market prices rise.


On a more micro level, currently almost 70% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings. This means that if there were an emergency for the individual, such as an unexpected medical bill of more than $1,000 then the individual would have difficulty covering the expense.

Our advice is to weigh risk versus reward at your own leisure. If your property value is currently higher than what you thought it was, it may be a good time to capitalize on built up equity just in case we run into another financial disaster like 2007.

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